Daily Mail Verdicts

Following Town’s promotion to the Premier League, I was asked by the Daily Mail to provide a Fans Verdict after every game. This page collates all the Verdicts I have provided.

Pre-season Special

Pre Season Verdict

Crystal Palace – Away (3-0 Win)

Crystal Palace Verdict.png

Newcastle – Home (1-0 Win)

Newcastle Verdict

Southampton – Home (0-0 Draw)

Southampton Verdict.png

NOTE: West Ham United Verdict not available due to date of game.

Leicester City – Home (1-1 Draw)

Leicester Verdict

Burnley – Away (0-0 Draw)

Burnley Verdict

Tottenham Hotspur – Home (4-0 Defeat)

Spurs Verdict

Swansea City – Away (2-0 Defeat)

Swansea Verdict

Manchester United – Home (2-1 Win)

Man Utd Verdict

Liverpool – Away (3-0 Defeat)

Liverpool Verdict

West Bromwich Albion – Home (1-0 Win)

West Brom Verdict

Bournemouth – Away – (4-0 Defeat)


Everton –  (2-1 Defeat)